October 19, 2021

22 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Make press Conference as a Choice, just don't throw at them. Respect players, people want to see them playing with their heart, mind and soul. We don't care about the press.

  2. Seems like she is only interested to use the media and the press when it comes to promoting herself in her favorite ways. Netflix, barbie, vogue. But don't ask her questions about matches she lost. She is not talking about Haiti much neither. The money is in Japan, baby. A gold in Olympics will bring tons of money. Why bother with the clay and grass when you cannot win and risk injuries. That's calculating, not mental.

  3. I’m gonna watch this, but I find the timing interesting. The drama of her fines at the French open was only about a month ago. She can’t talk to press but can do a full documentary? I’m all for players having mental health problems getting the help they need and getting the benefit of the doubt if they ask for a reprieve from some of their press responsibilities, but this is a luxury Naomi can afford, not everyone. Player 102 in the world with anxiety issues and not many sponsors can’t afford (money or ranking points) to skip French and Wimbledon. They have to push through it. They have no real choice.

  4. Naomi Osaka is like the only black famous person I wouldn’t be racist too. SHES a good person deep inside it seems and it would be unfair to judge her

  5. Awesome. A worthy player. Humble, calm, excellent. Put Serena Williams to shame

  6. もし自分がアメリカ人だったら大阪みたいな人は好きだと思う、アイデンティティーや言語つまり中身がアメリカ人だから、好評価を押すに決まってるよ。

  7. "what am I if I'm not a good tennis player"……Ohhhhhh snap!! Thats hella deep!! This looks like a good one, Gooooooo Naomi!!

  8. Naomi Francois also known as Osaka is a very interesting person. She never spoke up when there was a assassination on the Haitian President. She never spoke up on the asian hate crimes. She never spoke up for any of the Japanese suffering or genocide. But she is praised for something insignificant. I can birds of a feather always flock together. 💘 No wonder she withdraw from these tourneys.

  9. She’s only 23, her career has only just started. Doc is just to promote brand. Mental health is extremely important but the fact that she tried to make a whole scene at RG is a little sketchy. Almost like to plant a seed to promote the doc. It’s not really her, it’s the folks she has around her. Definitely a ton of people taking advantage of her and using her as a puppet. Pretty sad

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