October 19, 2021

31 thoughts on “Midnight Mass | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I met a Catholic on a bus once. "I have my religion. It is a way. The Priest tells us what we 
    need to know. Communion – very special." And I was like – Jesus. This guy sounds like a
    muslim. Nothing like Sally Field from The Flying Nun. Y'know – sane.

  2. I knew this movie would be a n awesome horror one when I saw the director of the hunting hill house director involved

  3. Wow another trailer with a ghostly post- ironic-song-mashup punctuated with hard crashes and cuts to black. Might as well bring back the voice. "In a world…"

  4. Nobody gonna say it but they gonna feel it.
    I really liked the settings of the background all along i bet they shot this at a remote town thats why so many great shots. Its gonna be good hopefully

  5. What remixed version of this song is this? The cello accompaniment just made this song take a whole 360 degree turn.

  6. Keane's Somewhere Only We Know has been my comfort song since childhood. Hearing it used like that in this trailer gave me… mixed feelings.

  7. I cant stand the repetitive lyric B.S. to build suspense. It's been used way too many times and just makes me cring at times..

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