November 27, 2021

40 thoughts on “Maya and the Three | Official Teaser | Netflix

  1. wow this movie reminds me alot of THE BOOK OF LIFE it looks really amazing and i love the graphics in this movie cant wait to watch it.

  2. Thanks Netflix for this film because I can't seem to remember the last time I saw an animated movie about a warrior princess trying to fight misogyny and save the world.

  3. Despite the head-turning art direction, the whole thing seems to be another helping of the same story for the 1000th time. That's sad.

  4. Having worked on this beautiful movie. It's a bitter sweet moment to watch the trailer as the studio that produced was an amazing place to work at and it was unfortunate that the studio had to shut down. I hope they can find more work after people watch this amazing saga!!

  5. Seriously, what is the deal with characters having a giant-ass father compared to a smaller, normal-sized mother?

  6. It looks like an mix of Raya and the Last Dragon and… it looks like Raya and the Last Dragon.

  7. To be very honest, I did not like the designs and the story seems pretty generic (princess doesn't want to be just a princess n' stuff). But I'll give it a shot when it comes out.

  8. The Book of Life was so good but it was also so much to try to cram into 90 minutes, I'm so glad that this series is longer and we will have more time to sit with this beautiful artistry.

  9. The red facial painting… Is this inspired by the real mayan Red Queen of Palenque? She was one of the most important woman and rulers of the Mayan civilization and of the New world, if not the entire world. Holy cacao!!

  10. I see and hear references of Akira, The Warriors and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in this trailer. I'm looked into this film on Netflix.

  11. I wonder if they'll include the mass conquest, slavery, infanticide, ritualistic torture and human sacrifice of the Aztecs…

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