September 16, 2021

23 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe: Revelation ENDING EXPLAINED with Kevin Smith | Netflix Geeked

  1. Kevin Smith is a Hypocrite, he said that Zacks vision for the dceu wasn't suitable for the DC characters, but then goes and makes shit like this.

  2. why are you saying kids? It was advertised for fans of the 80's show…. Kevin Smith just shut up, and go make some more woke-bait and switch-kvirbaiting shows. Destroy everything with your netflix friends. Your intention was to use he-man to send your woke poison to older fans… You did not succeed, and now you are saying it is for the kids. My kid hated this shit show, he was almost crying when you killed orko.

  3. Notice He-Man isn't in any of the footage of this? especially at 3:50. I predict that they're going to make Andra the new He-Champion and Teela will be the new Sorceress because doing that would be the final nail in the coffin to this franchise after this. Fix this Kevin or i'll never pay for another movie of yours again!

  4. The biggest problem and issue with the show is how poorly they wrote certain characters- king Randor would have never, never ever exiled Duncan for his service (even a reasonable person would have deduced logically that Adam hid his true identity to keep others safe!!!!) The whole using and abusing "justification" to make Teela's side of the argument morally or ethically on the level is stupid, moronic and is devoid of any common sense. In addition, Teela would have a good idea that Adam was He-Man because he was not present whenever He-Man shows up. So, in essence Teela's hissy fit is mentally deficient– it doesn't fit the character and it doesn't make sense at all… This is what happens when idiots write a terrible, awful female protagonist– its just more insulting when they replace a legacy male character. The entire show is based on a lie, its supposed to be about He-Man but he gets replaced- stepping aside by sacrificing himself.

    The sentiment that gets pushed is of entitlement, the creators and writers operate under the misguided impression that "feelings" trump logic and everything else, but is Teela really the victim here? Good character development do not use and abuse other characters or use them as an excuse– but this is what Teela does the whole entire show, the complaining, the belittling of He-Man a person who gave/sacrificed his life so you everyone could live– there is no gratitude– no respect. I recall fondly enjoying and being introduced to excellent female protagonists: Rippley, Ahsoka, Jaina Solo, Mara Jade, Bastilla and even Wonder Woman– because they come across as genuine, their motivations, struggles and victories. Teela is not a hero nor is is villain but more liken to an anti hero; like the last jedi her character was created to replace He-Man in the same fashion that Rey was written to replace Luke Skywalker. And just like the last jedi's failure Teela's character fails, falls short to come across as convincing– normally people don't act like spoiled, self entitled, stuck up, annoying witches when a friend, companion dies sacrificing themselves so that you can live.

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