November 28, 2021

37 thoughts on “Marvel Studios' Eternals Red Carpet | Best Moments!

  1. The women look amazing, the diversity of the cast, the respect Kevin had for Chloe, the joy the cast demonstrate is authentic, the tribute to Jack Kirby by Kevin,

  2. Marvel fans would be disappointed big time. I could not connect with this movie at all. The cinematography was beautiful….. that's all I got

  3. Eternals will definitely set a plot for mcu in the near future…..Marvel Studios hats off……looking forward to watch Eternals in theatres…..and eagerly waiting for Spider man no way home..

  4. Lol it just hit me just imagine if ajak (selma hayek) and nick fury ( sam l jackson ) were to cross paths tho…."honey?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THIS UNIVERSE🤨🤨😳"

  5. I'm here for that korean dude from Train to Busan ❤️ i love that dude he's so cool. 😎

  6. Tolol bener indonesia belum maen Venom, ini Eternal dah mulai aja. Bioskop management kaga sinkron ama update film.

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