November 27, 2021

20 thoughts on “MARRY ME Trailer (2022) Jennifer Lopez

  1. A movie about a woman who falls in love with a guy making less money than her? This is truly a fantasy. lol

  2. So, I want to see the Parallel Universe version of this side-by-side, the place where the roles are reversed.

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  4. Ok now she is in a oldlife crisis which is worse than midlife. Only few wealthy, successful, artists, mothers, and divorcee get this.

  5. If you took the plot out of this movie I'm sure it would be good…. Because I like jlo in many films, and I like Wilson.

    But The idea is corny as hell… just plain stupid…

    And the idea of marriage can't escape jlo for shit… Whether it's real life or on film…

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