October 19, 2021

33 thoughts on “LUCIFER Season 5 Part 2 Trailer (2021)

  1. GOD LUCIFER THERAPY why kick me create fuck it i will be ANTIGOD if they met therapy mhmm end near very was humanity was in asss haha antigods invasion im antigod to lucy mephistoo bro love ya cant wait see it xoxo

  2. And to think they wanned to cancel this show….
    I cant wait to see new Luci episodes, Ive been rewatching the old ones so much I know some of them by heart 😀

  3. The God and Lucifer on therapy sessions together 😂😂😂

  4. Man check this out!
    1st Lucifer known as the morning star is real, it’s a planet called Venus!
    2nd Lucifer is only mentioned once in the bible about the fall of Babylon Isiah 4:12
    3rd Before the fall of Babylon Judaists believed that Satan was a job title, on the council of God angel’s were picked to be the devils advocate so to speak( to use someone else’s pun)
    So their you go, so much for beliefs huh

  5. take in "ella" is actually 40 like whaaaaat. I hope i have half that energy at her age 😮

  6. When I saw the one part when Lucifer was was maze and he was wearing the black suit I was like woah when did he join the mib meaning the men in black.

  7. and yet still no mention of Jesus … lol
    anyway, I think this may be a season too far,… "going to war" …Lucifer trying to be "god" etc..
    Hope I'm wrong,..but have a bad feeling..

  8. I got to say dam I can not wait love this series last year was a bit flat but hell all of last year sucked so I give it a pass

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