October 21, 2021

40 thoughts on “INJUSTICE Trailer (2021)

  1. Imagine, superman would have preached justice , patience and restraint if it were some other city or some one else's wife and kid , but when he goes through it , its a whole different story.

  2. AWww yeaaAHHHHH!!! INJUSTICE MOVIE!!! I mean the games were incredible and this probably won't be as good but it'll still be great!

  3. O god! I've been waiting for this so long. I actually want a live action on this. After long time injustice is on.

    I hope it give same vive as comics. Where superman becomes yellow lantern and all that action. I wish they don't end this story in just one movie.

  4. I'm tired always joker no no

    Batman always asking joker" why did you kill them? "

    Joker: "hahahahahaha "


    Trash 🚮

  5. Loved the comic and games, Injustice should've been animated a lot earlier, I guess this being rated R is a compensation for that.

  6. I know it's a difficult task to hire them, but I feel like they should have used the OG voice actors from the games.

  7. Man, I wish they'd just go back to the art style of the "DC Animated Movie Universe". It was so much better than everything afterward has been IMO.

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