October 21, 2021

36 thoughts on “Hugh Grant has hilariously strong opinions on fish! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. I love anchovies. But, the last time I'd had them on pizza they were so salty it took over the taste of whole pizza. It was a burning saltiness like eating a saltlick.

  2. There's a satisfying irony in catching Hugh's knowing nod when Nigella refers to them as the bacon of the sea! 😆

  3. ‘They’re shut now so cheer up’ 🤣. The moment you realize Graham has all the balls of 5 US talkshow hosts combined

  4. Yes cooking fish is quite smelly,so if you're frying or steaming fish always add garlic,don't mix it with the fish just cook it beside the fish,the smell will be less appalling.

  5. Don't know why she was avoiding the word, but it's called umami, and she sounded like she was going to say it about three times in explaining anchovies. It's that depth of flavour (that actually is also in Marmite, I think). And parmesan. And soy sauce.

  6. Thank God he's got rid of that rediculous feminin looking hairdo he had in his younger days. Combined with his feminin "mannerisms", it made him look like a displaced lesbian.. Still don't like him though.

  7. Unfortunate that you guys don’t have the opportunity to eat fish that’s properly prepared. Fishy smelling fish are going off! I would never go near it yet I’m pescatarian. In japan I never see “smelly” fish. Yuck. Amazing how only Japanese fishermen know how to do it it’s called “ikejime”.

  8. Crickey, every interview of Hugh's that I watch, I realise we're like twins. And I agree on fish – or seafood, in general

  9. Some of us are more sensitive to fish 🐟 odors, and I wondered Hugh is one of them? I know I am. I don’t like the smell of the Pacific Ocean on the eastern coast of North America. It smells like dead fish to me. Ireland’s coasts weren’t as wretched, not sure why, but I’m sure they have their smelly days as well.

    Just do you know, there’s a science to this. Fish have trimethylamine oxide to help them deal with the saltiness of the ocean. When they die, bacteria, and their own enzymes, convert trimethylamine oxide into trimethylamine, which is that wretched fish odor.

  10. Anything that swims around in dead sailors and faeces is not something I’d want to eat. Even the smell is a warning.

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