October 21, 2021

31 thoughts on “How to deal with burglars | The Cleaner – BBC

  1. “Someone biting a crunchie?”

    “A mighty oak finally succumbing to the woodsman’s axe”
    “Yeah, that’s way better”

  2. Man down team lol. Man down was so funny it actually made me fart and wee at the same time. Sorry I meant shart.

  3. One ever noticed the british women don't take shit from no men good for them strong backbone big mouth women can go far speaking truth .

  4. If ever there was an actress to fill Dame Margaret Rutherfords shoes as Miss Marple in any remakes of her four Murder films,it will be Stephanie Cole.

  5. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. Is it not obvious that the discovery of the New World, which was the cause of Columbus Zûfünun, had remained a hypothesis until this time; a boat owner worthless among any captain would also be able to make the New World neighbor to the old world. A small sefine and a compass would have sufficed for the thought of the former discoverer's tabahhur-u and his mehaliki accusation.
    However, it is necessary to take into account a reality that will come now. The shift is in two parts:
    In someone else, equanimity affects. Maybe she's loyal to him. Just as it is necessary to lift a big stone in material things.
    The other part is essentially ineffective. One thousand and one is one. Just as jumping on a cliff outside or passing through a narrow place is one and the same. Teawun doesn't help.
    According to this comparison, a part of the funne is in need of treatment, like the removal of a large stone. Most of them are from ulûm-u material.
    Another part is similar to the second example. His perfection is like def'î, or like def'î. This is from the ahlabi spirituality or the divine divine. However, if the chedan talahuk-u efkar cannot delineate and complete the nature of this part of the mind, it gives clarity, appearance and strength to the professions of the bureaucrats.
    In addition, it is necessary to take into account the evil eye: Whoever makes a lot of tawaggul about something, it will probably cause him to be gabi in another. Based on this secret: Whoever reconciles materially becomes stronger in spirituality and becomes superficial. According to this point, a person who has material skills does not cause his judgment in spirituality, and even his words are not worthy of being used many times.
    Yes, a patient; If he compares medicine to hendese, applies to an engineer for the doctor and uses the medicine he has shown, it means an invitation to give condolences to his relatives and a report to transfer him to the hospital of the graveyard.
    Likewise, in spirituality, which is the truth and mucerredat-i sheer, to consult the provisions of the material world and to consult with its ideas means to declare the cessation of the heart, which is called latîfe-i Rabbaniye, and the secret of the mind, which is the substance of the light.
    Yes, the minds of those who look for everything in material things are in their eyes. The eye cannot see the spiritual.

    Third Preface

    A group of the Israelites and some of the Greeks of wisdom, by appearing with the adornment of religion, caused the dissenters to revolt when they joined the circle of Islam. Namely:
    That necip Arab tribe was an ummah in the time of ignorance. There was a time when right was manifested among them and their feelings of aptitude awoke, and because they saw the religion-i believer who had led the way in the square, they confined their general composure and inclinations to the ingenuity of religion alone. However, their view of the universe was not with the viewpoint of the organization of hikemiye, but perhaps only for induction. Their wide and lofty surroundings, which are suitable only for their nature and inspire their sensitive tastes; And it was only the Qur'an that taught and disciplined the pure and strong nature of the primordial nature.
    After that, since the Arab people began to convert to Islam, as well as the other people of the nation, the war in Israel was a channel and a culvert for the dream of the Arabs due to the Islam of the ulema-i people of the book like Vehb and Ka'b. They found it and got involved in that efkar-ı safiye. And then they even saw respect. Because those who came to Islam from the ulema-i people of the book were very ignorant and perfected with the honor of Islam, their knowledge of muhazahrefe-i criminal record was accepted and not rejected. Because, since it was not inconsistent with the method of Islam, while it was narrated like a story, they were listened to without criticism because of its insignificance. However, haifa was accepted as a right afterward, causing a lot of doubt and gratitude.
    At one time, they might have stood for some of the meanings of Israel, the Book and the Sunnah, and in connection with some of their meanings. But not the meanings of ayat and hadiths. Maybe if they were true, since it is possible for them to be from masadak and its people; The zahir-perests, who did not find any other metaphor or refer to it with their elders, interpreted some verses and ahadith by applying them to that story of Israel.
    However, he will interpret the Qur'an, and the Qur'an and hadith are authentic. Otherwise, it is not the Bible and the Torah, whose rules are abrogated, and even the shortest is muharraf. Yes, masadak and meaning are separate. However, what was possible to be masadak was substituted for meaning. A lot of possibilities were mixed into the act.
    In addition, it was translated in the century of Ma'mun in order to convert the Greeks to Islam. However, since the wisdom that emerged from the source of many principles and superstitions entered into the hearts of the efkar-ı Arab, who was purified to a certain extent, it caused a way from investigation to imitation as well as confusing the afkars to a certain extent.

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