October 19, 2021

27 thoughts on “HOUSE OF GUCCI Trailer (2021) Lady Gaga, Adam Driver

  1. Cute that Lady Gaga thinks we give a sh*t about anything other than her singing (not that she’s had any good songs since Fame all those years ago).

  2. Finally, we see the TRUE FACE OF JARED LETO! There was conspiracy after all!

  3. Me: "Good day House of Gucci! I am from the future."
    Me: "The Gucci brand is still successful in the future."
    Me: "They are particularly popular with rich kids. They love pairing Gucci accessories with street wear."
    Me: "These kids are called `hype beasts`."
    House of Gucci: "Kids?! Street wear?! beasts??! Mama mia!!!"

  4. Is it just me or is it sounds strange to hear these Caucasian cast trying so hard to sounds like Italiano?? 🙄

  5. Okay Jared leto here and Colin Farrell's make up in The Batman will be the highlight of the year!

  6. Adam driver needs a Oscar pleaaase so many good roles either this or Annette

  7. Whenever I see Jared Leto, all I can think about is how he looks like Jeffrey Tambor in this lol

  8. I wish that Gaga dude would go by her real name. I was brought up being taught that "gaga" meant poop in Italian. The name is Stephanie. Wish she'd get her head out of her arse and start using it. Ridley, please have her ingest a small facehugger egg in that @$#&ing cup. For old time's sake.

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