October 21, 2021

20 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME ALONE Trailer (2021)

  1. I just hated the idea of a Home Alone remake… but after watching the trailer, I'm quite intrigued. They not only target new audiences with this but break up the mould of something we all know by heart and give us a new interpretation of a true classic. My advice: grab your kids and watch the original movie and this remake as a double feature. This movie won't destroy the cult status of the original or our fond memories of Home Alone. It's just meant to be fun.

  2. Sorry. My first unlike in months. It's that necessary? I love the actors and so on … but please keep away from this classic.

  3. Sorry but I wil just watch OG home alone 1&2 whenever I need to watch this type of movie, the original movies are so interweaved into Christmas time all over the world that no one but Macully Culkin is gonna be amazing in this universe

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