November 28, 2021

39 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Alone | Official Trailer | Disney+

  1. This looks so bad!!
    How dare you ruin a classic with the worst selection of actors
    Acting looks shocking
    Cinematography looks terrible like someone recorded it on their Samsung S6

    Just NO! Let’s leave our childhood favourite movies alone when they don’t need a remake!

    Wow, shocking how this got approved.
    Waste of money.

  2. Please god don’t let them remake back to the future next. If that happens…. There will be no hope for humanity.

  3. новый слоган компании – "Дисней. любую идею превратим в мышиный помёт"

  4. Взяли бы на роль отца семейства Маколея Калкина – была бы хоть какая то затея.

  5. FFS – Why? Plz don't. Do not spoil my childhood memories with another dumb cashgrabing remake!

  6. мда, половину сцен тупо слизано с первой части. даже та же фраза "это мой дом и я буду его защищать" слизана. ни грамма индивидуальности, хотя 3,4 части хотя бы как-то отличались сюжетами.

  7. Это очень странная история – когда пересняли фильм по старым лекалам.
    Насилие детей над взрослыми в 2021 году это не смешно.
    Мать, которая не может связаться с сыном по смартфону в 2021 году это странненько.
    Но студия Дисней еще и не такое может, можно вспомнить все последние звездные войны.

  8. Тощие и белобрысые пацаны уже не в моде, народ! Можно теперь обожраться!

  9. This is like ordering food from McDonald's on Doordash but your driver gets cheap knock off food for you from WackArnolds.

  10. Don't like the accents. Don't like the kid, don't like the mom, don't like this, but still going to watch it…..

  11. I'm impressed.. A film trailer that totally manages to remove any desire of ever wanting to see the movie it promotes.

  12. Yall just wasted so much money on this. You could've fed so much homeless people and poor kids with it.

  13. If you wanted a new Home Alone movie that would be even slightly accepted by the audience you make it a sequel, make it an 15 certificate and have the tone more like "Bad Santa".

    But most importantly – You get Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern back.

    The setup is Kevin is down on his luck, gets sent to prison where the Wet Bandits are.
    The Wet Bandits however are the top dogs of the prison, they know it like the back of their hand. They find out Kevin has been sent to prison so they set up a whole host of Kevin-esque traps for revenge on Kevin.

    Eventually after taking a beating Kevin has his tail between his legs and the Wet Bandits have a little dignity restored to them.
    However the story unfolds that the old fellas are given the news of their release date, so they can at least enjoy some freedom in their final years, but some proper nasties are trying to foil this for some reason I cant be bothered to work out and Kevin eventually for some reason comes to the aid of the Wet Bandits helping them win their freedom.

    Kevin and the Wet Bandits make peace with each other and Kev eventually gets his release too.

    Last scenes we see the Wet Bandits have released a book on their life exploits that is very successful and are seen on a sunny beach sipping cocktails as they see out their days.
    Kevin goes onto having an extremely successful social media platform showing inventive ways to protect your home or business that definitely wont be banned or eventually get him sued to oblivion.

    Roll credits with a parting note saying RIP John Candy, John Heard and Macaulay Culkin's acting career for the past 30 years.

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