October 21, 2021

26 thoughts on “HIS HOUSE | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Can't understand all these comments. This is probably the worst horror film I've seen ever. Dreadful from start to finish. Really don't waste your life watching this.

  2. I’ve watched two best horror movies of 2020, both mention this and the 2 black leads but NONE mention the fez wearing doctor in the movie.


  3. I finished watching it 10 minutes ago, it wasn't half bad it has its moment but the real scary thing is the reality of moving into a new country and making it your new home, as a refugee who went through all of that, i think there are a lot of exaggerations, the people who work at the offices are really caring and polite and loving i don't think this movie does them any good. but if you ignore all of the underlying messages and just watch the movie as a movie it was a great watch had some spooky original scary scenes but at the end it went a little flat. it was a good netflix show. i give it a 7.5 out of 10 and i recommend you to watch it

  4. The first half of the movie are really scary but the second half are okay, but i like the reason behind their being haunted but the ending just fine, was expecting more scarier and mind blowing.

  5. I just got done watching this movie I have no idea how it got 100% ratings on rotten tomatoes I give the movie 20%

  6. Why people recommend this? it's really not that good, I thought it might has some good plot twists but there's none, makes me pretty sad after watching this.

  7. This was a terrible movie. They are being haunted by a ghost that is mad because the father saved a daughter from being slaughtered by a neighboor tribe and the daughters mother didn't make it on the bus. Then the girl drowns and it is somehow the guys fault that she drowned in the middle of the ocean. Literally doesn't make sense. Dumb movie

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