October 17, 2021

26 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer – "Trick 'r Treat" (2021)

  1. Is one of the firefighters Michelle Rodriguez from fast & furious ? Look closely at the eyes when they zoom in on them, looks like her 🙄

  2. Too bad they didn't release this last year when it was already done. Hate how we have to wait a whole year for the 3rd movie when the 3rd one should be coming out this year

  3. I miss when it was just a sister running from her brother. Not her granddaughter or uncle or nephews great best friend. The whole town against Michael Myers? Is this gonna be on paper view? Gonna watch the big showdown?

  4. This new trilogy has really injected some life back into michael Myers. He's scary again, i mean really scary. A lot of the sequels weren't really scary, but these films have really given fans exactly what they expect in a film like this.

  5. Jamie Lee Curtis is the ultimate Final girl. And an OG. Karen shot tf outta him Every one in the theater was mad at her when she cried sayin she can’t do it. Knowin all the long she flushed him out. When she shot him n said GOTCHA everyone stood up and clapped lol but Jamie Lee CURTIS beat his ass.

  6. some critics complain that michael myers is too violent in this movie. what?! LOL its Godzilla all over again

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