November 27, 2021

24 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer Teaser (2021) Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Myers Movie HD


  2. This is getting redundant but I am glad to see Jamie Lee Curtis still making movies.

  3. meh. the new one a couple years back was awful. will probably still watch this but have wayyyy lower expectations.

  4. What happens if they reveal Michael Myers and he ends up being Mike Myers, the actor and then he says should we shag now or shall we shag later

  5. Jamie Lee Curtis is a one trick pony! Has she ever made any other movies apart from True Lies? Must be depressing!

  6. I saw this already – it was okay. I was actually pretty disappointed in it but it does set up the next one which hopefully will be better

  7. This really good but can someone please tell how does his mask get in the middle of the road when burned wasn’t he wearing it 🤨

  8. It sucks we have to wait until October 15 to see this but it will be here before we know it can’t wait I’m hyped for this

  9. Anyone else SOOOOOOOO tired of this OVERDONE deadbeat of a plot!!! Don’t get me wrong the very first one done in 1978 I saw opening day with my stepmom( she rolled like that) and I couldn’t sleep by myself for almost a month!!! It was and still is the SCARIEST movie I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! I once counted how man times my friends and II actually jumped and scream throughout the entire movie…38!!! It’s unbelievable…it grossed $80 million on a budget of $300,000 and that was when it cost $2 to see it!!! So hats offf to Jamie Lee and John Carpenter…I love them!!! But for goodness sake’s..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! It’s been used and abused more than 40 year old mattress!!!! Please for love of God….LET IT FRIGGIN GO!!!!!!!🙄😴🙄😴🙄😴🙄😴🙄😴🙄😴🙄

  10. At some point of this new franchise I would love to have one of two things happen, one would be to see Michael’s face at long last, or number two to hear him talk. Certain points of the last movie had me believing that might actually happen. I was disappointed that it didn’t.

  11. Mike has got to be tired or at least sore by now. Props.for his level of motivation to keep going!

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