November 28, 2021

23 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer TEASER (2021) Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Myers Movie HD

  1. James Jude Courtney Michael Myers
    Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode
    Donald Pleasence Dr Sam Loomis
    Original Halloween Kills (2021)

  2. What bothered me about the film was that nobody asked what happened to the dad, or even seemed to give a shit

  3. I can see him hiding and then killing the firemen in the smoke of the fire, then picking up his charred mask’s remains and no look back slowly walking out of the burning house. Boom, cut to title card.

  4. James Jude Courtney As Michael Myers
    Jamie Lee Curtis As Laurie Strode
    Original Halloween Kills (2021)

  5. Same old story over and over again but ayy it's a classic and I still binge watch Every halloween every year in October so a new one will be exciting for the Holidays

  6. I thought the previous one could’ve been better but I enjoyed it, I hope this one is awesome, and seeing Jamie lee Curtis on it again it’s amazing

  7. It would be cool if they ended the movie with him winning finally. A lot of movies don't take that twist so it would cool if they did.

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  9. HALLOWEEN 2020: The Night He Stayed Home

    man michael beat us all to wearing face masks smh

  10. OKAY NOT GONNA LIE, when the movie ended with the girls knife in her hand, i thought she was gonna become evil and start killing after all she has been through, would have made a really cool plot twist but ehh.

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