October 21, 2021

11 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer (2021) Michael Myers

  1. Looks fun, but JLC seems to be going a little over the top in this one. Pretty melodramatic.

  2. I hope it’s better than the last. She had her chance to kill mike and let him”burn” why not shoot him in the face when he’s trapped , then dismember him??

  3. I always find it funny when the studios only see dollar signs after a movie becomes successful. Even when they put a button on the last one, they just had to make another sequel. It's like when Jason Statham "died" in Crank and then Crank 2 came out.

  4. I remember first watching this in the theatre in the early 80s. Jamie Lee Curtis was in her 20s.

    Man, I am fucking old how-

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