October 21, 2021

36 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer (2021) Jamie Lee Curtis

  1. Lori: Evil dies tonight!
    Michael: Dear Sister, thats what you are saying for the past half century

  2. I'm glad the trailer didn't show any kills so we can all enjoy them when we watch the film…….

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  5. I had to stop half way through because the trailer was spoiling too much. I saw how Michael survived and at least 5 deaths. That's way too much. But I did like what I saw.

  6. Look closely in the trailer and you see the masks from Halloween 3. The awesome Easter egg that universal did in horror movies

  7. Some people whining “omg so much spoilers boo hoo “ you just seen half of what’s to come to judge a book by its cover

  8. Halloween 2018 makes NO SENSE with Halloween II no longer canon.

    I’m supposed to believe Laurie Strode becomes Paul Kersey (DID NOT WORK) because she is that distraught over … ANNIE AND LINDA?!?!


  9. “A man couldn’t have survived that fire, the more he kills, the more he transcends, he’s the essence of evil.”

  10. Bro they are gonna do this series like fast and furious making endless amounts of movies till it gets ridiculous.

  11. Where Terminator Dark Fate fails, Halloween succeeds, this is how you make an all female led film.

  12. Obviously it's more brutal with bats and axes, but seriously this is 'merica, gun the bastard down!!!!
    Also, it looks like Marion and Lindsey die 🙁

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