October 21, 2021

23 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer (2021) Jamie Lee Curtis, Horror Movie HD

  1. Even if I did want to see this movie (I don't), I wouldn't need to as they revealed everything in the trailer :/

  2. I wish they wouldn't treat Michael like he has super strength, he's not Jason. A 60 year old man could not lift a stocky fireman in full fire gear off the ground and into the air.

  3. I love the idea of the whole town coming together to try and Kill Michael , this is gonna be pure brutal carnage and I can't wait

  4. Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.
    Happy, happy, Halloween, Silver Shamrock 💀🎃☘️

  5. Oh sooo happy!!!!!!
    I wonder if it would be asking too much to get a really Good Friday the 13th…….

    3 IN 1
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  7. Movie looks real good and intense. But who the fuck decided to reveal so much of the kills in this trailer? smh.

  8. For years they knew of his evil actions and they couldn't just put a bullet in his head in one of the movies like WTF

  9. I like how the firefighter helps Michael out of the basement, it adds to the realism for me

  10. Felt like a lot of character deaths were revealed but honestly, JLC is the only one expected in live in these movies

  11. I really hope Halloween Kills has a lot of death and action I didn't like the last Halloween movie cause their wasn't enough action for me but this movie looks good

  12. Anyone out there reading this comment, please take the time and search for the word "Dajjal" on YouTube. This will give you a true understanding of what's coming. Hence the "One Eye" symbol which we see around us specially in the entertainment/music industry. And why celebrities cover their right eye ✊🏾.

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