October 21, 2021

39 thoughts on “Halloween Kills Teaser #2 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Sounds like Myers will be at his most brutal in the new film. If so, I wonder how it will compare to how he was in Halloween 6. Different timeline, but it makes you wonder if he will be more violent.

  2. I guess the first clip of the trailer (in which he take his mask) is actually the last scene of the movie

  3. The fact that so many characters from the Original Movie are returning is gonna be great

  4. I don't know how many movies are made for Michael Myers but, this guy is never giving up like forget the scary stuff this guy is litteraly in the age that you can break every limb in your body with a single move but he is still slicing and dicing.

  5. I love these short trailers that show nothing but somehow still pump me up for the film. Great choice to not go beat by beat through the plot with these trailers, it would ruin the excitement (as most trailers inadvertently do.)

  6. I absolutely love the Halloween movies. But as a fan, I thought that Michael was finished after Lorre and her family burned the house down. One of the first facts about Halloween is “You can’t kill the boogeyman”

    I should of known better 🙁

  7. I wonder if Allyson screaming in the last clip was her screaming because she sees her dead mom?

  8. I really liked the last movie what they should've done though was not kill the male podcaster so in the next movie when he sees Laurie again he can say to her "You were right Michael is the Boogeyman." And they shouldn't have killed Dr. Satain have Allison tell her mom & grandmother that he was the one who caused the bus crash so Michael could escape then Laurie decides to track Satain down.

  9. 0:26 Oh no hope some old person doesnt get killed horribly in this that would be bad, but he did kill a kid in the last one and he is pure Evil. 0:20 Cool how they tried to capture the same kind of shot and that nurse who was in the car when he first escaped in the original 79 Halloween. 0:23 I think thats the girl who was with Tommy Doyle who Laure Strode babysat in the original.

  10. October 15 2021 are you serious they can have businesses opening up way to early for COVID again but can’t have the theater open to see this movie bunch of bullshit I guarantee you everyone reading this comment come October they will delay this film yet again mark my words there’s no signs of COVID dying down anytime soon

  11. Again this one has that real "1970s" Halloween feeling …I only wish they had not made Halloween Resurrection where they killed of Jamie Lee Curtis in the beginning. That was a dreadful film. Dreadful is probably an understatement!
    I can forgive all the other Halloween movies that came after the original (I even enjoyed Halloween 6 as it was Donald Pleasence's last Halloween movie!) but I just wish they'd stop remaking films and doing sooo many sequels because you soon lose track. Saying that, I didn't dislike Rob Zombie's re makes, it's just they didn't hit the nail on the head for me.

  12. What? I just thought he died cause the other movie they just burn him Like if that's true cause idk how he came back

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