October 21, 2021

40 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Official Trailer (2021) Michael Myers

  1. hopefully theres more to the movie than what we see in this pretty revealing trailer.

  2. james a janisse wont even have to watch the movie all the kills have been shown here in this trailer.

  3. he will live again. The black guy dies, and mom dies too …

    town rise up to kill him, but for some reason, he gets away and lives to kill another day .. …

    2 or 5 years later they make another movie with Micheal returning to kill the main character, and she has a son.
    she kills Micheal only for his evil spirit to be in the son.

  4. This trailer reveals a lot. There, now I said something NO ONE has bothered to mention yet in this entire thread.

  5. Horror movie logic* but wouldn’t the cops accompany the firefighters in that instance? No one had a gun? Lol

  6. That “oh sh¡t” look all the fire fighters had when we came out 😳 that mini standoff was epic.

  7. How does he walk right through that wall of flame & not be completely engulfed? I know this isn't the time to pick out shit like that, but that's one hell of a transcendence if he can't even burn! Hell really doesn't want HIM!
    Can't wait for this! And if there's a poster or shirt with that shot of him walking out of that burning house, I WANT IT!

  8. Looks ok. Unfortunately as they have revealed most of the deaths and most of the plot there’s no point going to watch this now!!

  9. Okay, first I love Myers, but hated that last movie because it brought nothing new and had laughable moments. Now I see this trailer and I see ,you got to be kidding me moments. So, Laurie makes sure she lives in a secluded area yet the fire department are there in minutes. Yet in part 2 80's the fire department never show up LOL. I mean WTF dude. That house was in gulfed in flames when they left. But when they go in the fire was not as strong. Dude is it that hard to think out of the box. IDK maybe its an attic and it has a coil shoot or a secret exit. But this… come on. I usually go with movies but this is why I stopped watching these cuz it gets to the point where it gets dumb. Before 2018 people tried to justify him being more human, which was a crock of shit. He was more robotic and in human in that than most other movies. I'm gonna watch this and go with it. Cuz it looks like they brought the violence back. But last Myers the story wasn't its own, it was basically a copy of all the other movies in one. SO, I really hope this one has its own identity and has good acting rather than tripping on your own sock.

    Plus you see a guy come out of a fire nothing even wrong with him, with an axe and you stand there and try and fight him. Ya peace Im out!!! Then of course the typical Myers is dead!!! Wait you havent heard? Hes alive. Oh wow!!! The lynch mob remind you of anything, Halloween 4 ring a bell. Okay I will stop but damn. I really hope this has its own IDENTITY, PLEASE I don't want another movie like watching another sequel. I mean Laurie saying he is flesh and blood??? Seriously??? No wonder Carpenter gave up directing these. I mean it seems like these movies have no identity. From this trailer I see more of other movies. I really hope this is original but time will tell.

  10. What a horrible trailer. It feels like they spoiled 70%+ of the movie and a majority of the kills/scares/storylines. So disappointing.

  11. The halloween 🎃 3 mask !!! Oh my god . Im so ready for this movie . This is a total love letter to the series . Roll on October 15. This michael is looking insane .

  12. Damn. This looks a lot more of a poorer film than I was expecting. I was hoping for a horror-style threatening Michael Myers on a killing spree with tense music, heavy breathing and slow-paced suspense… not this overdramatic Hollywood BS! And just things like at 2:15 where a small woman is holding off a knife and then shouting at Michael saying do it! Is Michael Myers now a joke?! Back in the originals nobody would dare even breathe at his presence! I mean WTF are you doing to this legendary character? Shame! 🙁

  13. 1:10 Michael killing that woman gives me flashbacks to that really mean spirited kill on Octavia Spencer from Rob Zombies Halloween II 🙁

  14. Somehow I am actually more afraid of Jaime Lee Curtis"s character. Great trailer! 🙏🏻

  15. I like how she says "Let IT burn," with us not knowing if she is referring to the house, or the evil that is Michael.

  16. He’ll never be killed!! Like one of the comments said, no one could’ve survived that fire. Micheal is pure evil, he loves to kill. Bringing the whole town in an uprise to finally kill him, that’s what we’ve been waiting for.

  17. What’s the point when the guy literally can’t be killed? You know whatever happens, his eyes will open just before the end credits. It’s uninteresting


  19. Am I the only one who thought the nostalgia driven movie wasn't good? And Lori Shrode was the villian.

  20. They making the same mistakes in these new films that they did with the other sequels they claimed to reboot the franchise for.

    -Gore and blatant nonsensical kills
    -the original was shrouded in mystery as Michael stalking his prey first.
    -psychotic psychiatrist (Halloween 6).
    -living through everything

  21. Maybe allison has the killer inside of her or michael sees her and she reminds him of judith

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