October 21, 2021

15 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS Final Trailer (2021) Michael Myers

  1. All the best bits of the film in one trailer. Anyone else notice six year old Myers in the window? Sadly the film is a total mess. See it for yourselves.

  2. I like how they brought back the old characters from the original movie in the trailer! That’s a cool tie in and shows they are paying attention to the continuity of the story

  3. Damn, this trailer was so much better and more epic than I ever anticipated! I am definitely ready to watch this sequel in the theater next month. Halloween Kills looks so great.

  4. I swear this streaming the same day as theatrical release is single-handedly ruining the movie industry. It's because of this that movies aren't what they used to be. No one cares about going to the movies and watching it on the big screen and making an event out of it because they can just wake up scratch their ass plop on the couch and watch a movie as soon as it comes out, it's bullshit. This is exactly why Disney is dealing with the black widow lawsuit and David chase the creator of The sopranos who made the new sopranos movie coming out said if he knew about the streaming release the same day on HBO Max he wouldn't have even made the movie. But the contracts were signed and production was already underway before anyone even knew about HBO Max which was pretty sneaky on their part. I can't stand it I mean me personally I'm going to go to the movies to see the movies that I want but it's because of this that eventually movie theaters are going to go out of business and we won't be able to do this anymore and then movie night and that regard who will be a thing of the past. It sucks

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