October 21, 2021

8 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS / BLACK PHONE Cinemacon Footage Reactions!

  1. Karen dies Michael kills her in his house while Jamie Lee is on the phone with her the way Jamie was on the phone with her friend in Halloween 1978 when Michael Straggled her then jamie lee leaves the hospital like in the trailer saying I am coming for you Michael

  2. Ethan Hawke DID play a villain before. Log time ago, some Anjelina Jolie movie about a serial killer ("Taking Lives" I believe)

  3. I think Allison will day because it just my opinion that she could die I’m not just saying i hope she dies i hope she doesn’t I’m not saying that at all but it’s a good chance it could happen but the other daughter she could survive but one of these daughters gonna die but Laurie she ant going down that easy but Michael Myers he ant giving up and also he pissed off because they was tryna burn him alive but did it work hell nah?

  4. Good video!! Very good. And yeah, i think one of these 3 girls are gonna die. Posibly his daughter or grandaughter. I don't think Laurie will die xdd.

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