October 21, 2021

24 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN KILLS "3 Killer Clips" (2021) Michael Myers

  1. Well this confirms the rumors I've heard about Lindsay surviving. Tommy says he kills Marion and attacked Lindsay….Lindsay survives.

  2. This is just getting stupid and repetitive.
    Same old junk with MM never dying.
    It's like the "god" story, god, an omnipotent, omniscient being can't kill the devil. Why? Because "hero's" need villians otherwise the story ends. Like Christianity, this story has been milked and dragged out to bordom.

  3. I gotta say, the more I see of this movie the more I think it's going to suck. The whole rise up and fight shit is getting really old.

  4. in Halloween 1978 Laurie was fragile like a little flower, but now shes a bad ass a warrior and i love it !!!and i love that every body will fight with her ,cant wait To watch it, it was a good idea To got back all the characters, they Will be more strong like this.

  5. Karen is going to lead Michael to the hospital and she she’s gonna be the one who falls off the balcony idk just a prediction

  6. ….why was she trying so hard to save those kids on the swings? They was super annoying lol…….should of let Michael get them.

  7. I think the image of Myers is awesomely cool, but the concept isn't terribly scary. If he was somehow supernaturally imbued, it might be more scary. But just a big dude with a blade isn't that scary to me. Jason Vorhees who they turned into somekind of undead zombie, freddy who is an immaterial demon, the creeper that is resistant and regenerative of damage.. those concepts are a bit more challenging.

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