October 16, 2021

50 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Man love the trailer but they all like so many action movie and trailer just like need more heavy rock music. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger

  2. Godzilla would win in common sense, but I think it will end with Kong winning in the end, he is the hero of the movie after all ;-;

  3. Humans: Godzilla’s attacking us and don’t know why! Also humans: shooting ballistic missiles at Godzilla

  4. What if there were two Godzilla ? One is a bad guy and the other godzilla is a good monster. My first guess is mechagodzilla.

  5. Bruh there all just scene's about godzilla getting hit by kong and kong just never gets hit thats kinda stupid ngl dont like this trailer

  6. Godzilla king of monsters:*roars* wait were kong bruh he didn't come to meeting……kong:hello i was eating bananas……….me:one will fall

  7. Exciting 10 mins of blurry CGI action out of 2 hrs of humans talking nonsense. Can't wait (sarcasm). Kong was good though, well paced, I would watch it again.

  8. They say he’s hurting ppl and they don’t know why but what’s probably going on in Godzilla’s head is he’s bombing a city so it can be the arena for the Kong vs Godzilla fight

  9. Mark Russell: godzilla is out there and hurting people and we dont know why
    Kong: yeah we got to stop him
    fake Godzilla: hey im going to destroy earth
    Godzilla: wait a minute
    Kong: whos who?
    Godzilla: its that guy he is acting like my grandfathers enemy (the showa series)
    fake Godzilla: rips his skin
    Mark Russell: uuhh
    Godzilla and Kong: target locked on mechagodzilla
    MechaGodzilla: uh oh

  10. Kong thinks the little girl died so he joins godzilla then turns on him when he finds out shes still alive.

  11. corey whitson
    Doing it for the kids! These movies are going to set the future up for past time enjoyment of the older films in a new light

  12. Did you see the size of Kong’s ………………………………………………………………… thumb!?!? 🙊

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