December 6, 2021

28 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: Afterlife Final Trailer (2021) NEW

  1. Yeah! Diversity filled cast with non-binary 12 year olds using equipment they should have no idea on how to use. Only inserting part will be if this will bomb more than the 2016 version.

  2. Fitting name after the last Ghostbusters movie. That dumpster fire of a movie actually did kill the franchise.

  3. It's actually quite good when you can't have adults actor's to play as good as old cast then you simply let children take over and see how it goes…..

  4. I thought the trailer looked good! I mean, what can you exactly do with another Ghostbusters in this day and age? I think their approach makes a lot of sense. It builds on the legend of the first two films instead of trying to rival it by being a soft reboot or a re-make. Also, the fact it's Ivan Reitman's son directing it makes perfect sense and seems like it's in the right hands. It feels like a classic Spielberg movie with hints of adventure and action with good fleshed out characters. All the actors seem fitting, I like that it's not just a re-make or a soft reboot but something completely different yet utilizing the established canon and universe of the first two. It's a smart way to do a sequel and it has my interest.

  5. Would be cool if slavitza Jovan had a cameo as an irrate store owner or something. Nobody would know who she was 😉

  6. This looks pretty good. Got all the ol favorites in it except part of the original cast. If zuul is there we need weaver to help finish it.

  7. Gozer's (Zuul is the name of the dog right…according to the Wiki page)back….That's cool. Last part of the trailer was all I needed!

  8. Ok the trailer isn't that exciting, Next gen ghpstbusters, it's obvious the OG will have cameos, but they are not gonna show them in the trailer. That would ruin the emotion on screen. Still gonna see it for nostalgia. Hope it's better than ghostbusters 2.

  9. as Always just rip off a good movie with kids…. what next pet Ghostbusters ,,,????? or app & iso version on mobile to catch ghost?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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