September 19, 2021

28 thoughts on “Free Guy Featurette – Taika's World (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Shawn Levy is legitimately the filmmaker that has brought you some of the worst garbage of the past two decades, from Big Fat Liar to The Internship. His career is evidence to the fact that the general audience for movies is DUMB. The man’s garbage films have all made money, and now we get this cringeworthy BS. It’s almost hard to figure out who is worse, Shawn Levy or Dennis Dugan.

  2. Been waiting for this movie for so long, I don't even want to watch anymore . How many more trailers and promo clips are we going to have until it's released !

  3. This movie looks more and more like garbage as I see more snippets. People will see it because Ryan Reynold played 1 character they liked in another series. I've never seen a movie with so much cross promotion before.

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