October 21, 2021

43 thoughts on “Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. This is a preview of things to come. Get ready for the second American Civil War. There are guns everywhere in America!

  2. It's more than alright to be white and it isn't at all wack to be black but we together will overcome the big lie of the left/communist as United Americans .amazon Washington post Facebook NBC MSN and CNN are reporting misleading information oh PBS too the government is currently trying to make our culture a communist/socialistI pledge the allegiance to the flag of the United states of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that has destroyed lives and a self proclaimed marxists/communist organization

  3. Breaking: January 6th was a planned event under the direction of Pelosi and the FBI. But we knew that on January 6th. Too bad the MSM didn't want to tell the world the truth. They have an agenda and nothing else matters.


  5. Why? Isræl is still attacking plastin, still wants to seize the land of the people's country .. because isisræl is a terrorist and an innocent murderer. And why is the USA silent there is no crackdown on Israel. Because USA is the same as Isræl? .. ISLAM NEVER SEIZES OTHER COUNTRIES, ISLAM NEVER SHOT GOOD PEOPLE, ISLAM NEVER INSULTS OTHER RELIGIONS, ISLAM IS NOT ANOTHER. BUT THE REAL TERRORIST is ISRÆL. Don't blindly look at the little boy and girl being killed by the Zionists of Isræl. To this day the prime minister of Isræl has not stopped seizing and killing other countries.

  6. @
    G-7 leaders rally to Biden’s pledge 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer nations

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  14. Good morning world!! We are people with flesh and blood and feelings! We love our kids , we love our families, we have lifes here in Gaza- Palestine. we are ordinary people living in houses like any place in the world.. we are living in this small area of land and we suffered alot before and now..but we are trying to seek decent lifes..we are like any one else in the world we go to the work in the morning and we drink morning coffee! Our kids go to schools and they are smart and beutiful too such as all the kids in the world and we love them ..yes we love them!
    We are not numbers to be counted.. we are human beings! We feel every thing such as you..and we get scared such as you.. we have hopes and dreams such like you..we are alive now but witnessing and feeling death at every second… we are trying to catch our breaths… We are not heros.. We are not superman.. we are people… do you hear us.. we are people..

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  16. You Mean the riot that Nancy Pelosi's Son in Law started with Black LEFTIST Matters and Profa people dressed in MAGA gear? Stay Across the pond where we sent you 200 plus years ago

  17. This narrative is completely FALSE!!! Trump supporters were not the ones who breached the Capital, it was ANTIFA and BLM. Trump supporters were attempting to stop ANTIFA and BLM. Stop putting false narratives out there!

  18. The difference between democrats and republicans is surprisingly simple. Democrats expect the powerful who have been corrupted should face real consequences. Republicans expect the powerful to be rewarded for corruption. The conflict between them is a conflict between justice and self-interest.

    The right is a natural ally to authoritarians because the right will make excuses for corruption that the left would never willingly tolerate.

    Change my mind.

    im not idolizing the left. Im pointing out a fundamental difference i see in our political ecosystem. The left is trying the make things better. The right are trying to prevent any change they disagree with. The issue is a moral one and im tired of pretending it isn't. People can pretend that opinions are to be respected, but some opinions do not deserve respect. There are moral differences between the political right and the political left that the right will do anything to ignore. We are basically being told to respect objectively crazy opinions that are actively harmful to society at large because "everybody is entitled to their opinion". Yeah, but if the opinion does not conform to reality, you do not get a free pass. The amoral components of the far right have been weaponizeing the ethical principals of the left against them. Trump is a good example. When a fact disagreed with his opinions, it was fake news. If a story makes him look bad, its fake news. That kind of thinking is dangerous and it could very legitimately destroy our republic.

    Is the left entirely blameless? No. However, since the political realignment of the 1960's, this problem went from being ingrained in both sides to being sequestered mostly to the political right. This change has been becoming more apparent to me over the past 4 years. We made progress under Obama. That is a fact. Then the right pulled us back hard under trump. Then the left pulled us back again, so the right sacked the capitol. There may well be crazy people on both sides, but the right has an almost exclusive monopoly on dangerous crazy. The left get drunk on social justice sometimes, but that is not the same as trying to kill our republic. There is always gray. However, there is less gray than our leaders want there to be.

    I agree with you that those in power do not really give a damn about us, but only so far. The younger faces on the left are embracing the need for change we have craved growing up. A push to bring ethics back into politics. The right complaining about "political correctness" are complaining axiomatically that they do not agree with the principles of ethics the morally normal assume innately.

    That is the crisis we face now and too few even understand that at all. Ethical principles are not immutable, but there are some things that have no gray area whatsoever. Those immutable ethical principals are being redefined as "political correctness" or "leftist opinions". This problem runs so much deeper than you make it sound.

    I agree that there is still a fair amount of gray, but it is not a both sides problem. At least, it stopped being a both sides problem in the 60's, but the right benefits the most from peddling the notion that the left is as amoral as the left views them. This is not a both sides problem. Not completely, anyway. The present political ecosystem is controlled by the right. When they lost their power, they tried to overthrow the government on the 6th. The left suffered the same injustice in 2016 and they never once considered overthrowing the government.

    The problem is one sided and im sick and tired of pretending its not.

  19. Did you check the facts and see that the deaths included drug overdose and cardiac arrest. Not condoning anyone's behavior but full truth should be disclosed.

  20. USA: America king cotton ???
    learn your history my friend :))
    hater, antagonist, bigotry, or sla** master :
    * there is always the other side of the story.
    * please learned first who your enemy is.
    * so called "God given rights" !

    This is all infiltration, subversion to control the narrative,
    to shape your opponent perception of you ! so called "God given rights" !


    “You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality.
    Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” ( Malcolm X )

    The Emancipation Procamation
    after 100 years
    I have a dream speech
    " this will go down in history "
    segregation and discrimination,
    i have a dream that one day this
    national will rise up and ………… ???
    truth to be self evident ………… ???
    ( Martin Luther King Jr. )

    America is an IDEA ( idiot )
    most unique idea in history,
    not the reality, think about it,
    just dreams on my friends,
    keep dreaming about it. 🤔💕
    God bless America, and me first.

    America or American doesn't like to be equal,
    America always like to be more equal than others.


    “You can fool some of the people all of the time,
    and all of the people some of the time,
    but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    Mark Twain. ( Lincoln never said that. )

    “You can fool some of the people all the time,
    and those are the ones you want to be concentrate on.”
    George W. Bush

    "illusion of truth" effect.
    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it,
    and you will even come to believe it yourself,”
    (From Churchill’s Lie Factory):

    How liars create the ‘illusion of truth’
    Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not.
    Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda,
    ( psychologist Tom Stafford. )

    If you repeat a lie long enough and often enough, it becomes true
    people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.


    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    fool me three times i'm smart enough to realize that i am an idiot
    you might laugh at this but my friend the truth is hard to swallow.
    we been fooled more than twice on daily basis with out realize it.

    If you repeat a lie long enough and often enough, it becomes true
    people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.


    western :
    politicians and news media,
    they play the race card,
    they divided and conquer,
    they sponsor terrorism and fake news,
    subversion, defamation and gaslighting,
    "the enemy of my enemies are my friends."
    they threatened countries with sanctions,
    they say do what i says, not what i do.


    US and western propaganda:
    US troops in Taiwn at China border is national security
    China troops inside China is act of war and invasion.

    US and western propaganda:
    US troops in Ukrain at Russia border is national security
    Russian troops inside Russia is act of war and invasion.

    US, UK and EU: are racist and far right fascist.
    zero sum, imperialist political and military foreign policy.


    Trump America do like to have the
    narcissistic, susceptible, credulous,
    there are many far more fanatics,
    that they will do anything for him.

    Wake Up we need to STOP
    yes : is true…… :))
    racist, toxic politic, politicians,
    news and social media.

    false flag attack :
    false claims: inside job,
    i rather be in south africa,
    proud boys and flags hugger
    racist and far right fascist,
    no diffrence from american,
    politicians, and news media,
    fish rots from the head down,
    shame on you all americans.

    moral values turned into moped mentality,
    democratic is turning into demagogue,
    this is not acceptable in a civilize society.


    it used to take 60 years of ones life to realize,
    western politicians and news media are lying,
    now everyone knows about it before age 16.

    US and western :
    politician doesn't care about you or your family.
    social and news media lied to you on daily bases.
    if not caught on cameras it never happened or is classified.
    racist zero sum, imperialist political and military foreign policy.
    when will they learn, your politician only care about the rich.
    rich people pay little or no federal tax, maybe less than you do.
    you are taxed to sky heaven from property, insurance to income.
    school, education and infrastructure are falls beyond repaired,
    but you are not getting any profligacy from yours governments.
    this is not about open states, open school and open for business,
    but only lying, deception, propaganda, provisions and intimidation.
    thank you for reading.

    every single american president create,
    trillions of dollars more than the one before.
    in the form of bond or gov't stimulus check,
    should americans dollars have more value,
    now who is the real currency manipulator.

    truth and reality:
    All US President put the nation more in depth than before,
    us destroy a $10 tent with millions dollars cruise missiles.
    trillions of dollars spent on nationral defeat and security,
    black life and asian are no longer save in any us city.
    old people die in nursing home is good for the taxpayer.
    virus and hate crime spreads across the country.
    there are more and more tent city in every us city.
    us and uk are the biggest war crimes in the world.
    social and news media lied to you on daily bases.
    there is very little hope for the future.
    yes the truth hurt you the most.

    i'm not trying to preach, praise or criticize.
    i'm only point out mistakes have been made.
    don't just keeps a blank eye to the problems.

    Good news is ….. :))
    you crazy enough to think,
    you can change the world,
    but you are not alone.

    not all politicians, news and social media are bad.
    we are not perfect, we are just human after all.
    we can always hope for a better future.
    there is always room for improvement,
    but we all need your help.

    is this the america dreams
    or americans still dreaming.
    really ? come on man. 🙏
    thank you for reading.

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