December 5, 2021

45 thoughts on “FEAR STREET | A Film Trilogy Event | Official Teaser | Netflix

  1. Oh my goshhsshhhh!! 😱😱😱… Fear Street, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark!! …Bring back my childhood please, adulthood sucks, I despise it here!! 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  2. Does someone know which novels those three movies will represent? Or are they entirely new?

  3. i hope people know that little kids probably shouldnt watch this just because its based on r.l. stine. i read a fear street book that had a horrific murder and i was like damn this is a (older) kids book wtf…. i believe the book was called "give me a k-i-l-l" but i didnt think there would be an actually murder by r.l. stine.

  4. Idk how I should feel about Benjamin being in the cast. He is stapled as the child movie actor. Sure he's in Your Honor, but that's it. He isn't really that good at acting either. Everything else looks fine tho

  5. List of My favorite Fear Street
    1. The overnight
    2. The New Girl
    3. The Prom Queen
    4. Missing
    5. Double Date

  6. Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈

  7. If you move to a town called “Shadyside”, you deserve to be slaughtered.

  8. I want to cry. This makes me so happy. My teenage obsession on screen. Fear Street!!!

  9. Netflix headquartes

    – We need a new idea for a series.
    – What if we combine the episodes and say it's a three part movie?
    – That's just stupid.
    – So we go for it?
    – Yeah, yeah…whatever.

  10. Fear hall, the cheerleaders quadrillogy, and 99 fear street were amazing hopefully in the future they adapt those stories even 99 fear street would be amazing to see

  11. Honestly it makes sense that the movies will be rated R cuz everyone that grew up reading these are all grown up now! 😂👍🏾

  12. Finally!!! These were my favorite books as a kid and the reason I love horror so much!

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