October 20, 2021

31 thoughts on “FAR CRY 6 Trailer # 2 (2021)

  1. It's Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. Wonder if there's any chance of some nomnommy Los Pollos Hermanos.

  2. I hated #5 for a long time, but then I gave it another shot and I actually really liked it. #4 was the best IMO – just loved all the reward systems/mechanics the most.

  3. the render engine looks so weird. Its like the detail is there but the final render isnt doing the team justice.

  4. last far cry I couldn’t even finish the game because my lvl was to low to play the final mission. But hey Ubisoft had a DLC to boost my lvl up as a cost of corse… no thanks I’ll pass on grinding boring side quests just to play the story..

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