September 17, 2021

48 thoughts on “Exploring the Worlds of MARVEL Future Revolution!

  1. Who all want a high graphics spiderman game just like the amazing spiderman 2 android game with better graphics and physics 🤘

  2. Hi everyone. 😉😉

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  3. Ryan panagos I need something you has been wonderful job for doing me greater for the Marvel news I not showed a leading to more today now because your boy has been deleted out my last year Marvel Gates contest of champion Marvel future fight and marvel news we came to the news of the first and only the time because the many times where aavego them anytime there are many more than less than we can sorry I told you many good things I'm not sure will and terrible life The Marvel level revolution I am not friend of your Marvel anymore I am not any of this

  4. If Capt decided to stay back in time then why he not given his pym particle and time space gps to black widow, ironman ?? So he/she can return in future after end game battle. Because cap know the timeline, he can easily send her in future….like thanos come from 2014 to end game timeline in future by using same pym particle and time space gps and also gamora comes.. That way we can bring iron man or natasha???

  5. If the games character selection doesn't expand like future fights over time that could be potentially disappointing too. However I am really looking forward to Future Revolution

  6. I'm not gonna lie. I'm highly disappointed with the amount of gold from the coupon code only 50k 🤦‍♂️😭 Didnt know there was a 2nd code the 2nd code is much better than the 1st

    I've thought over all these stuff..guys if you have watched whole MCU..might have noticed why are we watching other timelines movies? I mean when stark, CA and other heros came to past just collect that blue stone(tesseract) "other loki" take it from ground and new story begins of TVA. So you might have understood TONY STARK is alive again, as MCU is making all his movies on the basis of that nexus event..i consider they have forgotten the pace of main stream of AVENGERS😅…hope you get it.

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