October 21, 2021

15 thoughts on “ETERNALS Trailer – "Return" | NEW (2021) Marvel

  1. …So, If I'm to take this WOKE garbage fest of the M-She-U seriously….So where is the avenger? Are they just going let these folks set up shop?

  2. Is Thanos not a "Deviant"? pretty sure he is, and thats why he was cast out and shunned by his dad!!!

  3. Their memories were definitely wiped as well, if it weren't they would have helped avengers prevent the disaster and Tony Stark wouldn't have sacrificed him self to save humanity like that, but that is celestials for you, they see eternals as experiments and see deviants (the opposite of eternals) as food.

  4. person who read this comment.
    i pray for you that your parents will be alive for more hundred years.

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