October 21, 2021

41 thoughts on “ETERNALS "Thanos Was Just The Beginning!" Spots & Trailer (2021)

  1. Marvel becomes Eternal, so that people keep forgetting it as Disney want to remove each and every memory of Marvel in humans.

  2. This movie will suck and be forgotten

  3. Thanos ve hulk'un arkasında deneyci iğrenç bir kadın var onların sınırları var sizin yok siz kazanırsınız 😋

  4. purple dude travels galaxies and collect stones of infinite power to literally erases half of everyone: we schleep
    some spaghetty bois show up: WE ATTAC

    dumbest movie premise yet

  5. What I have a problem with with those guys is that their gives the impression of being gutsy. And honestly the Deviants are nothing compared to Thanos

  6. These are all taken from Celtic and greek mythologies…
    Which the pagans of the north believed thousands of years ago.

  7. The most boring cast ever in a Marvel Universe,awful casting,just awful!!! These people look dull,flat,half of them can’t act. What a let down. And the premise: Thanos was only the beginning !makes it sound as if it wasn’t really that bad to fight him. The characters,or the lack of the same, sow no interest what so ever. Well,at least all ethnicities are covered to have a selling point. But I really don’t care about any of the main actors involved,they are dull from the get go.

  8. They are SoB when we needed them where the hell where they? I am more mad at them than Wakanda for not ending Slavery
    And just incase you're wondering yes I know it isn't real

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