September 17, 2021

32 thoughts on “DUNE Extended Trailer – "Royal Houses" (2021)

  1. i was really looking forward to this movie. than i watched the trailers and realized how terrible it is. thanks again for another cheap, poorly wrote ripoff of frank herberts dune series. so thankful i watched the trailer.

  2. Jason and Dave, an amazing casting. Dave is so much more. Watch " See. " The tv series with both of them in it. It makes waiting to see their performances in Dune so much sweeter.

  3. im sure i will love this movie, but this stupid statement from Pauls mother, im a fighter, im powerful, blah blah, i cant hear this shit anymore.. please stop. you are an actriz, i dont give a fck about your empowerment as a women.

  4. … TBH, i'm not impressed with the trailers so far… As someone who's read the book and watched previous movies, I don't feel like this movie version has captured the level/depth of horror/brutality/reality of the story at all. That level of brutal honesty is what makes this story so timeless and memorable, that's what makes DUNE and other stories by successive authors so popular.

    This version of it has been made VERY PG, i assume to make more money by having more people able to watch it. But what it's also doing is feeding off a famous and well loved story and ruining it at the same time. People are going to watch this and think 'meh' it was ok, but forgettable… Which is a massive shame, because the real story is anything BUT forgettable. I recommend going back and watching the 'first' movie, or better yet, reading the book.

    I'm still going to watch it. 🙂 Cause well, even with it not being as good as the original movie or book (well maybe, i could be wrong), it's still going to be an epic movie on its own. 🙂

  5. As a fan of the book and previous film versions, I hope this won't be just an endless string of big explosions and hand combat scenes. This preview suggests that it is.

  6. I consider it to be a mistake by producers wanting to promote a film to think that anyone wants to hear these things explained by the people who make these films. I find it diminishes the whole experience of the film. I find a person who acts for a living talking about their characters to be insufferable. Make a good movie and then shut up would be my suggestion.

  7. Bless the maker in his coming, Bless the coming and going of him, may his passing cleans the world! – I hope they have Dr Kynes say the maker prayer. This is the first scene in the book where the reader has in inclination that Dr. Kynes is more that what the reader believed.

  8. I really wonder if they are going to hint that Bene Gesserit have been on Dune since the beginning and using their influence over the last 1000 years to blend their desires into the Fremon religion and culture. Thus when Paul shows himself to be the Kwisatz Haderach (Supreme Being) which has been told as profecy to the Fremon, The Fremon will follow him without hesitation. – "And his word will carry death eternal to those who stand against the righteous"

  9. The actress playing Jessica is COMPLETELY IGNORANT to the Bene Gesserit. Nothing she said was correct. They are NOT WARRIORS or Body Guards. The Bene Gesserit are a group of women who believe in the perfection of the human race through selective breeding. Bene Gesserit are in conflict with the Guild Navigators and Bene Tleilax as these groups wish to use spice and machines to reach said human perfection. The Bene Gesserit are Matriarchy which has used religion, politics, and selective breeding to meet their goals. They are known for their subterfuge, keen understanding of human behavior, and ability to plan and execute plans over a long period of time.

  10. it looks SO *CHEAP*, not even any more sequels, just remakes.. 21st century in a nutshell: "..simply begging him to, you know, be able to take part in the film.."

  11. Dune has very little science. I would say it is middle age style fantasy which is happening in a goofy space age. That kind of space age which is never going to happen.

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