October 21, 2021

32 thoughts on “DON'T LOOK UP Trailer (2021) Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Netflix is churning out some absolute rubbish and the film industry is loving it as they're all making a fortune. More quality control please Netflix and less shit movies please as u haven't released anything worth watching in a long time. The cinema has nothing to fear from Netflix especially with the shit it's churning out.

  2. Leo been my fav actor since departed and blood diamond…not to mention this boys life gilbert grape basketball diaries quick and dead marvins room romeandjuliet titanic man in iron mask beach gangsofny catchmeif u can aviator departed blood diamond shutter island rvolutionary road body of lies inception greatgatsby wolfofwallstreet django revenant oncetimehollywood and now for sure dont look up… the fact thati remember all the movvies ive seen him in..says something… mans talented

  3. it is deeply mystifying trying to figure out if a trailer like this….with such obvious hollywood star power…can be taken the least bit seriously- even if it is some weird angle on comedy…;whoever put this clip together is clearly lookin to mystify everyone.

  4. The Big Short was so good — and the premise is something that doesn't even interest me. I literally can't wait for this movie.

  5. Only thing this movie needs is Ricky Gervais following the comet into the solar system on a space ship to take out Hollywood while live streaming drunk on a dark microbrew.

  6. This looks good. With all the disaster movies coming we need a spoof of a disaster movie to lighten things up.

  7. I'm pretty excited for this one.

    Edit: Was that Will Ferrell in the Shuttle?

    Last Edit: This gives me "Mars Attacks" vibes.

  8. Adam Mckay is the director? What films has he done "The Other Guys?" "Anchorman 2?" idk how all these actors put their faith on this guy. The script must have been very very good because Meryl Streep, Leo, nor Ari are that money hungry to make something lame. Or any of the other actors for that matter. This better be good but I'm gonna go in with no expectations so I don't dissapoint myself.

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