November 28, 2021

47 thoughts on “DON'T LOOK UP Trailer 2 (2021)

  1. The title of the film is misleading. You definitely have to look up. Look to God your Savior and Creator. He is the Way and Truth and the Life.
    He loves you. Repent to Him.

  2. Leonardo DiCaprio, i believe this is it. It is time..for you to win a Grammy Awards for this movie!

  3. Vice was an absolutely painful, raging trash fire of a movie, but I'm hopeful for this one. Don't disappoint, Adam McKay!

  4. I'm sure this film will be great but I can't help notice the irony of the trailer, which is cut to those incredibly annoying overcranked drums, dialogue highlights that, out of context, make the film look like a broad comedy and a general sense of spoiler that, let's face it, appeal most to a culture this film is satirising.

  5. I want have to watch the movie being the trailer shows how retarded it is O this looks like the people that calls them self our leaders NOW JUST LIKE REAL LIFE

  6. All the scientists are freaking out about global warming. Still, politicians, business people, and social media addicted dumb people of this planet behave the same way as depicted in this movie.

  7. Looks like a movie about the United States getting a woman president and God sending a comet to destroy us for it.

  8. Former FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION ex 2 REP Sniper in the Brutal Bloody Head crushing hyper violent Martial Arts action film THE MERCENARY now on Amazon prime …….

  9. Sir…There is a very large Comet headed for Earth…
    It's coming straight for us…It's what we call a planet killer.
    Brandon: This is where we sit Tight and assess !
    How bad can it be…C'mon Man !

    Meryl was doing the best Nancy Pelosi impersonation I have ever seen !

  11. hollywood fantasy-a female president…that too annoying streep…..she was crying over trump but, now America is in worst situation and she is hiding in her cave….

  12. Chance of Impact in 2027 is Now 96% California Institute of Technology

    • Based on new tracking observations taken this week, IAWN has

    confirmed that asteroid 2017 PDC is on a course that almost certainly

    will impact the Earth on July 21, 2027, less than 9 years from now.
    Oh! also pretty much every rich bloke on the planet are either building, funding or investing on ROCKETS..just sayin

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