November 27, 2021

48 thoughts on “DOG Trailer (2022)

  1. That dog was used to kill and hunt Iraqi children in Abu Ghuraib. Or made to rape some iraqi prisoners.

  2. At 1.20 i was worried this was gonna be a talking dog film but it was him doing the voice. all it needs now is some action in it, and if they gave channing a family it would be a family dog film. so me hoping dog him become close he joins army and then action like john wick 3 with the dogs which was fantastic.

  3. Every dog movie, must have a sad ending. Nope i dont want to watch it. I cant cry like a baby again. Nope. 🥲

  4. Something tells me the dog dies at the end and it will break my ❤ . Just like the Marley and me. 3 years ago on Christmas eve my own dog passed away in my hands. He was having seizures when we got home. He was old and was fighting. I'm crying holding him I said static I love you and it's OK to go, you were the best dog ever. After I said that he left us.

  5. Omg. Hollywood, has nailed it on this one. He's still young and in shape to turn heads and when he ducks up, the expression he puts on his face is priceless.

  6. When Channing Tatum says to the dog at 2:26 your definitely not the girl I thought I would be in the tub with I’m sure all the women said I’ll volunteer any day to be in the tub with you Channing. 🤣

  7. Lassie , Turner and hooch, K9 , Beethoven , that one with Owen Wilson and now …this ! I’ll take bolt instead thanks at least it’ was animated so nothing to get teary about

    Nothing worse than seeing mad max 2’s dog be killed or max (the ali ) in I am legend die 😢

  8. To everyone watching this that loves dogs, this is a Belgian Malinois. They are very intense, high drive dogs that the average owner should not own! Yes they are cool and do amazing things but please do not get one! You have no idea what your getting into. They are not like your average lab or golden.

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