September 19, 2021

38 thoughts on “Destiny Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

  1. I love seeing my favourite Youtubers like Canadian Lad commenting on marvels videos. Gets me excited to watch their videos next 😀

  2. No Disney plus?! This movie gonna fail big time, the virus casses going up again, kids are dying this time its time to shutdown everything again or force people to take the shot!

  3. They should put this out on Disney+ also and see how it compares to Black Widow. My money says this blows Black Widow outta the water.

  4. Tony) I had daddy problems
    Shang) you have daddy problems mines a evil crime boss who wants me back in his evil life!
    Tony) my dad never said I love you

  5. Oh no they casted awkafina or whatever that things name is I hope it’s not cringe like every character she plays

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