November 28, 2021

34 thoughts on “DEMON'S SOULS Official Trailer (2020) PS5 Remaster 4K Game HD

  1. I'm not a huge fan of Naruto, but this must be what it felt like when Madara saw Hashirama in the war. I'VE BEEN WAITING, DEMON'S SOULS!

  2. it's a shame the atmosphere didn't translate. it looks so western and boring. like warcraft. no mood.

  3. Before this Trailer: Why should I buy a PS5

    After this trailer: I have to get a PS5 for Demon's Souls!

  4. welp, guess i need to get a ps5 now. I'd hold out for a pc port, but seeing it say Playstation Exclusive at the end there kinda kills that, since they REALLY love to keep their exclusives forever.

    looking at you, Bloodborne.

  5. Ok, well, first off, I’m contemplating getting the PS5 JUST to play Demon Souls Remastered, and two, this could make a perfect opening for From Software to deliver Bloodborne Remastered.

  6. Nowadays theses sort of games like demon and hell Survival games are the trend….

    Diablo, agony, scorn, darkseiders, devil may cry, Dante's inferno.. .
    Apocalyptic & Revelatory games…
    I am sure even alien abduction it grey alien survival games would also pick up in the current trend…

  7. I can finally play every from soft game ill finally be able to do what I told myself I would do

  8. Damnit Sony, why do you have to make all the AMAZING games exclusive. I cant help I got dealt this hand in life in which case I have an Xbox, now I gotta buy a PS5 and all the games I missed, spiderman, God of war, ghost of tsushima, and Detroit become human

  9. We just need mgs4 remaster, and for fucks sakes dino crisis 1-2 remaster/remake and we are set for an amazing year

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