October 18, 2021

49 thoughts on “DEADPOOL 3 Teaser (2021) MCU Korg And Deadpool, New Superhero Movie Trailers HD

  1. I didn’t realize I wanted a Deadpool reaction channel until RIGHT NOW. Bro they should make a show of him reacting to the whole MCU

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  3. I hope it's as good as the first, and way the hell better then the second..what a turd…I should have demanded my money back

  4. Sorry, I will never go to a movie theater again to see a movie. I know it can be streamed and it costs a hell of a lot less for me not to go to the movie theaters. Also, I don't have to be crammed next to hundreds of random people.

  5. This isn't a DP3 plug… It's Ryan Reynolds being creative, by pushing a film he's made that could possibly flop by using the best character he has in his arsenal to advertise it.


  7. how can someone be raised by avocados…. it's kinda hard to take any of this shit seriously.

  8. LOL, Good luck making genuine Deadpool humor work in the progressive phase 4 M-She-U. That gonna go together like chocolate pudding and broken glass. It works with NegaSonicTeenageWarhead bc neither one of them shuts up or backs down. Start treating heros like you did Rocket in the conflict with Captain Marvel in Endgame and see what happens. "What were you doing? Getting a new haircut?… Earth isn't the only planet out there, furball… Yeah yeah you're right…" Yeah. Keep that up and see how popular Rocket and Deadpool are after constantly kuking to objectively unpopular characters/ideas (powered Red guardian losing to an unpowered cast in Black Widow AND saying he 'just messes stuff up', Rocket to CM in Endgame, Spiderman to CM in Endgame, objectively correct U.S. Agent in "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" getting fired in shame even though real life authorities "shoot T-words who blow up buildings" on sight, Falcon not fighting the T-word but U.S. Agent fighting her, etc. etc.) Their entire appeal is that they that don't kuk… and they certainly don't admit to being wrong unless they actually ARE wrong.
    Captain America: "…when the whole world tells you to move… your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell everyone 'No. You move.'" THAT's what we like. Someone LIKEABLE and "in the right" going up against a powerful force. Not nasty attitude, angry at regular people, ideologically brainwashed, ticking time bombs who could snap at any moment and kill 100 people like Homelander or Captain Marvel jumping in someone else's spotlight and kuking the people we like. HULK works bc at his core he is a good man, but a phase 4 "hero" who believes people are bad bc of their color, "reproductive equipment", or *non-infringing* belief systems doesn't work bc they are objectively unlikeable.

  9. A trailer reaction about a movie that he actually thought came out a year ago, but doesn't exist… Typical Deadpool.

  10. You should do that other movie of that weird actor. You know which one – the one with that hispanic older chick that keeps touching her b__bs on camera and looses her shirt all the time 😉

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