October 21, 2021

40 thoughts on “CHUCKY Trailer (2021)

  1. I really hope that there is meaningful killings this time. A good story behind this would make this movie truely unforgetable! Chucky should have an end game plan!

  2. Don't care what anyone says you'll never beat the old ones especially the first 2 and ino we have to move on with the times but even if people don't like this new show at least we're still seeing Chucky do his thing… fingers crossed it's gunna be good 👍

  3. Hope we can see how Andy’s Chucky is doing. U know the Chucky who only had a head left. Their friendship was so beautiful

  4. Look like funny movie and little bit horror with badass CHUCKY 😈. I love this movie 🎥🍿

  5. This actually looks good, they realize where they screwed up with that stupid new-age reboot.

  6. When he said Hey kid, I'm going to kill your sister. You want to come? Had me dying. Lol one of the best parts of the trailer in my opinion

  7. Will it be continuing from where the film ended… i wanna see what happens next…

  8. "Creepy doll creeps me the hell out"❌
    "Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa"✔️

  9. Its really weird to see a older kid who should be more mature and smarter being led the same way Andy was when he was like a toddler.

  10. I wonder how Andy will come into play. Chucky left him at the asylum possibly to take the blame for the killings. Maybe Kyle rescued him? Also I wonder how Tiffany is gonna appear or if she's gonna use her cult doll. Also how is this show gonna do it's finale? Are they going to defeat Chucky and Tiffany? Will it end the with Chucky winning like he has been doing in the last two movies? I'm so hyped for this show.

  11. I love chucky, ever since the first movie I ever saw of him. I love his crazy laugh and cool gruesome killings!! I have the whole chucky collection! Including his life sized Good Guy doll!! I cannot wait for this series!

  12. So Chucky seeks revenge on those who he says have wronged him in the past. But what's his beef with the teens? I get that Chucky loves killing just to kill but he's never targeted minors except Alice.

  13. "Everyone has a Halloween that they remember". Now I'm remembering the time I lost best costume to a kid who wore the same damn costume I wore the year before and still lost. Thanks for bringing up old wounds, Chucky.

  14. Damn that actually looks really good. They really decided to take a new approach. I’m interested

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