October 18, 2021

45 thoughts on “CHUCKY Teaser (2021)

  1. I hope the Nica comes back somehow. I loved her character
    Edit: She's coming back HEHEHEHEHEHE

  2. This was supposed to be a continuation of the tv series. Last thing we need is the same damn story told a third time!!

  3. Guilty Gear strive = HAVIER RAVEZ strive indeed 😛 HAHAH

    MARLIN PIE KYOHEI LEDR & CEROBLAST = my 2 sexy female asian wives 😛 HAHA

  4. I hope to god that the puppet work doesn't look cheap like they did in 'cult of chucky'

  5. I’m surprised toy land is still in business since one of their stores got k.o. By voodoo lighting in child’s play 1

    But it’s more modern with the shelf’s

  6. I’m glad they are bringing the Chucky Franchise back, the reboot of child play it was disappointed, but I am so exited for this Series

  7. There are some things in this world that we can put on the screen and they become successful but there are some things we should not remake especially a psychopath Soul inside a doll

  8. Don't f—k with the chuck..can not wait.. praying it will be coming to Australia

  9. luke skywalker plays chucky's voice usa network and syfy both channel i'm glad he's back the chucky series

  10. Ok it seems like everyone is confused, so I will enlighten them. The recent "Child's Play" movie and THIS Chucky are two different things. Totally different directors, producers, and even concept. The movie was more of a re-imagining. THIS series is from the same director (and his crew) from the original movies that we all know and love. So fear not, people, we are in for a treat.

  11. I’m just scrolling down to read the negative comments of the child’s play 2019! I love that film because it’s a different recycling dons old screenwriting which is why I like it basically it’s still Don Mancini’s work Blood buddies

  12. Y was a 16-year old biological male child carrying a Chucky doll in the trailer? Little too old for that shite.

  13. This teaser trailer looks better than the 2019 rip off version of Child's play. Brad Douriff is back

  14. Whoopdy Fuckin do… 😑🤦‍♂️💣 A PG-13 Chucky… Let that sink in… They are so Fuckin stupid this should have been a Netflix series or something else on another streaming platform…

  15. This is the Chucky that everybody ❤️. I hope that Tiffany and the Child’s play franchise returns in the future

  16. its a shame….i was hoping this tv series would bring closure to the cult of chucky ending, but it seems this is its own thing. Hopefully this is good.

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