August 1, 2021

32 thoughts on “CASTLE IN THE GROUND Official Trailer (2020) Alex Wolff, Neve Campbell Movie

  1. This movie sucks so much,specially the first part of it was so boring it made me really into antisemitism


    Anyone else thought that the ending of this film implied that Ana dies from an overdose from the fake pill?

  3. ul film. If watching with non australians, it is helpful to translate a bit of the jokes (e.g., why its so funny that they are laughing so hard at "hey hey it's saturday).

  4. The movie is really good🎞 not the happiest movie but worth it. Really good.

  5. Also, WARNING to ANYONE that either is or has been addicted to "Opiates" like Endone etc, I would NOT watch this movie if I was you, it WILL make you uncomfortable at the very least & may even make some people re-lapse! I mean Ive been on Methadone for 13+ YEARS now for chronic Migraines (3-5 Migraines Every single day that were 11/10 Agony) & this movie makes me feel like Im getting withdrawals! So beware PLEASE.

  6. Requiem for a dream/Trainspotting, not quite, but if you connected to those you may connect to this. Nice to see a depressive real film once in a while. Great film. H

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