October 19, 2021

46 thoughts on “CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD Trailer (2021)

  1. when i saw the announced title the first thing that came to mind was: really, vanguard as in Medal of Honor Vanguard. one of the last true medal of honor games for the PS2

  2. cod is going backwards in time. lol

    cod 2019 – modern warfare
    cod black ops – vietnam war/cold war
    cod vanguard – ww2

    what's next? ww1 like bf1? seriously? and then what? COD – Knights of valor?

  3. "Gentlemen, I'm not asking you whether or not you're coming back alive. This is where we step into the front lines!!!"-U.S. Admiral
    "It won't be easy, Mates. her Majesty's Government is counting On you to fight for her. Winston Churchill said: that we shall fight in The Hills, we shall fight in the streets, we shall fight in The skies, but we will never Surrender!!!!"-British Admiral
    "You know your mission, Face the enemy, and Hit em Hard!!! Give Em Hell no matter what it takes!!! So the question you to have to ask yourselves is…ARE YOU WILLING TO ANSWER THE CALL OF DUTY?!?"
    "SIR, YES SIR!!!!!!!"-Soldiers

  4. Cant wait for battlefield. You make a good add activision but no good call of duty for about 9 years

  5. This literally looks identical to that god awful game WW2 can’t wait to use the same guns for another year!!! Now that there’s gonna be slide canceling it’s gonna be even better!!!

  6. COD games are so white washed now they are selling and creating them less than a year apart now lmao greedy fucking cows.

  7. Ah yes, my old grandpa once told me about the time him he took down an enemy plane using a pistol while hanging out of the cockpit in mid air.

  8. Call of duty tries to become battlefield, bit late to be trying to enter that arena, battlefield 2042 is coming you know? Even better, the new battlefield goes across all the timezones and periods of war.

  9. They’re gonna have to do something really special if they don’t want to get cooked by battlefield this year

  10. If this would come out 5 years earlier I would be hyped but in this day and age looks like another mediocre fps.

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