October 21, 2021

45 thoughts on “Britney vs Spears | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Her fans that were always there in person at the courthouse and the Free Britney movement I think really helped her gain her power back to start fighting this! I can't wait to hear that she is in charge of her life again!

  2. Even if you are not a fan or listen to her songs, please watch to see how mistreated and misjudged she was for YEARS after 2007. and how she is kept as a slave!

  3. still though…in the very beginning she must have signed a document or a contract for the conservatorship to begin,,,,right?…she signed over her rights in the start of this thing…so she still has at least some of the blame for all this…i think she was really wronged but she at least in the beginning she allowed it.

  4. She’s still going through it, so I hope this doesn’t make it feel like it’s over and that’s she’s free now. She’s not free.

  5. They also up her security. Know that if something happens to her papa spears greatly benefits using her name to make billions.

  6. I will openly admit that when the free Britney movement started, I was not aware of what a conservatorship was. I was 15 when she was put under Jaime’s thumb legally. I didn’t understand. And for a while, I didn’t believe that someone so high profile could be a victim like this.

    I’m ashamed I didn’t research further and take it seriously sooner. Britney love I’m so sorry & you deserve better.

    I’m so glad shes getting out from under this disgusting loophole of the law. I wish her hope, healing, and all the freedoms the world can give her. I hope she finds justice against those that abused and neglected her for over a decade.

    I’ve been her fan since childhood and I’m still her fan now, we love you girl ❤️ you’re the strongest & so powerful & a huge inspiration to millions of us.

  7. Hollywood continues to be addicted to exploiting this woman. Just because this shows her is a positive light as a victim does not mean it isn’t exploitive.

    Will she see any of the money for this documentary?

  8. Is this just another way to make money off home girl, cuz if she ain't getting the funds, i ain't watching 👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Of all the psychotically obsessed pop star fans, Britney's actually got something done. Good for you, Britney-Stans!

  10. im not even really a fan but i get the shivers knowing that this type of movement is happening around her. FREE BRITNEY!

  11. The documentary should be called "Lucky". That song summarizes her life but Britney VS Spears is iconic so bye

  12. I wonder why they didn’t do any Documentary on Michael Jackson’s innocence when his innocence was clear in all counts with proofs and evidences from FBI ! What a sick society it is ! Anyway eagerly waiting for this one !

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