October 19, 2021

38 thoughts on “Black Summer: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Just found out about this show. Finished binge watching the first season tonight! So ready for S2!

  2. Jesus this seems so unrelated to season 1… the only good thing about season 1 was the girl wanted to suck the guy off in the car while being desperate from not getting eaten…

    Anyway…why didn’t they continue S1? This looks boring.

  3. I'm glad they went for a time jump.

    Her daughter being old enough to fight and think like a grown up will be an advantage. No one wants the little kid clinging to her mom plot device.

    Also means we may have a solution to the Korean character not speaking English. Maybe now she will be at least able to communicate a little. It would have been awkward to have her spend another season just pointing at things.

    Can't wait. An amazing show for character writing. No super human people that can take down zombies without blinking

  4. I loved season 1 and in particular how much more gritty, dark and twisted it felt in comparison to other zombie shows the last couple of years. Excited for this season!

  5. "The greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself". Ugh. I know the first had this, but it also did a good job of ensuring the zombies themselves were also extremely dangerous and scary in their own right. The focus on people vs people is becoming so incredibly cliched.

  6. This is literally coming out 2 years and 2 months after season 1. I thought we would never get a season 2.

  7. Please put subtitles for Sun, i didn't understand what she said in the whole series

  8. Unfortunately here in Italia we can't still watch it… Mostly its cause here in Italia nobody care about Netflix… We have Sky Satellite tv to watch some sports, serie tv and movies… i still dont understand why in the USA You dont have a kind of Satellite tv

  9. Omg yessss I’ve been waiting a year for this show to return !!! Season 1 was too good; let’s hope season 2 is even better. 😁

  10. NO!! the REAL thing is you take to LONG!!!! people are waiting on this forever….

  11. It been so long that I forgot what happened at the end of season 1 mines well start watching season 1 again

  12. Parece ser mais uma bosta com zumbis. Se tem zumbi ou algo que pareça, já descarto. Ninguém suporta mais tanta bobagem!

  13. they lost me at the only treat to humanity is humanity itself what stupid moron gun lover wrote such idiocy.

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