October 21, 2021

6 thoughts on “BLACK AS NIGHT + BINGO HELL Trailers (2021) Blumhouse

  1. Hmm! I'm very interested in both the movies. To bad I don't have a Prime Account, but I do have a motorcycle that I like to ride for fum. I try to make it my only transportation, but I also have a truck that I ride when the weather gets nasty. Today though I didn't get to ride my motorcycle all because it was raining on, and off. I also got my little scoot scoot back from the shop. It was there like almost 3 months. I only use the scoot scoot on my side job. The reason why my scoot scoot was in the shop it kept on cutting off in mid ride. Luckily I was able to ride it back home safe and sound. At the shop they told me that water had some got into the fuel system, and a little in the motor. They drained everything out, and said the motor was fine. I'm so happy to have it back since gas prices is a killer when I'm doing my side job. Riding my scoot scoot save like 75% of gas compared to when I'm driving my truck.

  2. I can't tell if Black as Night is meant to be a comedy or not, but there was A LOT of shaky cam in the trailer. The second one looks really head trippy.

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