August 1, 2021

25 thoughts on “Big Adventure Featurette | Disney’s Jungle Cruise | Experience It On July 30

  1. I secretly hope that this will become a masterpiece like pirates of the carribbean.

  2. Definitely adventure and Beloved Disneyland 💖❤️♥️of life time should make more Disneyland movie like Space Mountain or Small World or Thunder Mountain YEEEEEAH 🎉🏰🏰

  3. I still think the weirdest and probably "wrong direction" they took with the movie was simply setting it in South America. Every Jungle Cruise in the world has an "amazon river" section but they are literally just butterflies and that's it. The majority of the ride revolves around with Africa or Asia. By making it take place in the Amazon you miss out on all the iconic set pieces that make it what it is. And I get the tongue and cheek references are there (mentioning theres no elephants in the amazon, the hippo-esk pop up, etc) but they just highlight what people might have actually wanted to see. Instead its just a generic south american jungle movie.

  4. A distney land thing turned into a dope efficiently amazing is that💯!

  5. Ah Yes ! Can't wait to see it ! I love these two actors and whenever Emily Blunt is in it, I'll give it a watch. The movie looks great

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