November 27, 2021

43 thoughts on “Becoming Halston | Ewan McGregor's Transformation | Netflix

  1. Addictive . I’ve never been into drugs but seeing that era and his drug addiction make me stronger as a person : I can grow without drugs

  2. Ewan McGregor deserves high recognition for his portrayal of. American Fashion Icon Halston 👏
    Mary Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Brilliant acting as Halston, Ewan McGregor . Absolutely Brilliant 👏
    Mary Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Ewan did the movie very good , and He is much better than the same Halston …the 70’s fashion leyend and this is in my lNetflix list👍👒👗

  5. I have always loved everything Ewan has done on screen and even his visits to Craig Ferguson were epically fun.

  6. If you watched both YSL biopic movies and many other movies about gay bourgeois in fashion world or something like that and they all have the same character, behavior, gesture etc. Annoying boring stereotyping acting.

  7. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  8. Pls upload more Web series in hindi like Arrow , the flash, black lighting, vampire diaries, the original , the 100 , heroes and many more web series you have pls dubbed that web series in hindi

  9. Ryan did it again now get back to the third season of your show on Netflix you haven't finished again.

  10. I want to talk about gumball, can you take all the amazing world of gumball episode i'm begging you

  11. When I was young in the early 80’s, I had just started exploring being gay, what it meant to me, and how it would shape who I became. My parents found out, and gave me 30 minutes to pack and get out. I landed a job at a high end restaurant. I worked my way up, and became lead on the floor. I started meeting all of the celebrities of the time who when they traveled to where I lived, usually came through the door for lunch or dinner. I met Liza, Andy, Divine, and many others. I always hoped I would meet Halston. Unfortunately, he never came in. I admired what he created and was attracted to his simple, elegant taste. It was a fun time, but I eventually met the man of my dreams, 31 years later, we’re still together. I feel lucky, but I look back on that time and smile.

  12. It is an amazing series….I have always loved that era…mostly due to my fascination with GIA. I’m very educated on many designers but I never delved into Halston: what a BITCH! Honesty THE MOST IMPORTANT DESIGNER IN AMERICA at the time…responsible for all kinds of groundbreaking glory and he pissed it away. The man needed serious therapy. Everyone in his life walking out the door? He deserved what he got.

  13. Another Ryan Murphy show trashed by the critics loved by the viewers anyone who enjoyed the show should also check out the 2019 documentary Halston

  14. Absolutely loved this show! One of my favourites of 2021. Cocteau Twins on the soundtrack was the icing on the cake!


  16. Where's is new season 5 of miraculous ladybug my dad just wasted money for nexfli😭😭😭

  17. Just finished watching it I absolutely loved every sec on this series. Its a must watch

  18. This is gonna be interesting to watch Halston.
    The last few years they been making tv series based on Fashion Icons – Fashion Artists.

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